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A curated list of external resources from across the region.

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Shifting Seagrass Video
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Bantry Bay Kelp Forest

We are the People. We are Residents of Bantry Bay. We are concerned!

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Carlingford Lough ASSI

Carlingford Lough ASSI site citations and map

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Carlingford Lough MCZ

Carlingford Lough is a narrow and shallow sea lough that lies on the east coast of Ireland, located at the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The MCZ is located off the northern shore and lies north of the navigation channel in the inner part of the Lough.

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Carlingford Lough Ramsar

Guidance and literature in relation to Carlingford Lough RAMSAR

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Carlingford Lough SPA

Special Protection Areas

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Carlingford Lough Tourism

Comprehensive tourist information for visiting the area.

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Citizen Science Symposium Talks - Engaging with the Sea with Alex McMaster

Alex McMaster walks through the background of The Shifting Tides project and it's call to action.

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Take part in the All Ireland survey in September / October.

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Explore Your Shore

Learn about sea creatures and record them as part of island-wide research projects.

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Fair Seas

Building a movement of ocean stewardship in Ireland.

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Forest Beneath The Waves

This film will study the impact of Kelp, the creatures that live in it, and the relationship it has with us humans.

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Irish Ocean Literacy Network

Find out what ocean literacy is and how projects around the island are integrating it to their work.


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